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The Brewers
Rob & Leo

 We are brother duo, driven by the passion for brewing beer and sharing it with others. Our beer is produced in our own brewery, located in Mansfield, Brisbane. 

Our Dutch ancestors were true craftsmen. So as homage to those before us, we have taken inspiration from the old-world style and created Rudi's Dutch Pale Ale.
amed after our father, Rudolf van den Bergh.

Here at Bergh & Berghs we believe that some of life's best moments come from the gathering of good company and great beer. Goede gesprekken (good chats) and a touch of history go hand-in-hand. 

Our Dutch Pale Ale combines 4 types of hops with traditional Dutch brewing methods to create a stronger 6.5%, full-bodied beer, unfiltered with a hint of peach.

Peach (1).png
hops (4).png
Rob and leo photo black and white.heic
Left - Rob, Right - Leo
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